Dranga was born into music on March 8,1984 in Moscow. As a child of 4, he did not have to beg his parents for lessons;his father, accomplished musician Yuri Petrovich Dranga –also a professorat Gnessin Academy of Music Art inRussia—understood perfectly the value of a career in music. In 1990 he was accepted in Richter musicschool. With the support of the father, the son took the unusual family instrument to the next level.

In 1996 it began as Dranga won VI Moscow Open Competition of Accordionists,and in October of that same year he won the International Competition of Accordionists in Castelfidardo, Italy.In 1997, Dranga participated in 13th International Music Festival in St. Petersburg. In 1998, he performed at theInternational Music Festival in Beijing, China, and won the International Competition of Accordionists in Asturias, Spain.In 1999 he was named Laureate at the VII Moscow Open Music Competition and his concert career was launched by the Russian Cultural Foundation. Dranga then graduated from high school and enrolled in Gnessin Academy of Musi.

In 2002 he won the Russian “New Names” international musical competition. Multi-faceted,Peter performed for the Cultural Foundation, while working as a designer ofsubmarine landscapes. At this time he was experimenting with bands and formed avocal-instrumental band “Torre”. His spare time is devoted to music productionand development, and by November of 2001 Dranga organizes another band. InDecember 2001, he produces instrumental music for the accordion at the studio,but his band parts ways. In June 2002, Peter creates his own studio andorganizes a vocal-instrumental band "Overdrive". In 2002 he also began writing musicfor films, including “Christmas Fairy-tale", director E. Bedarev (kinopunkt.ru/films/film/4403/);"Hentai" - director A.Legchilova, www.vokrug.tv/product/show/Devichnik/); "YouBastard Movie" - director D.Filjukov ru.wikipedia.org/wiki);"Abovethe city" - director J.Mazurova, and "When fern blossoms" -director E.Bedarev.Between 2003 and 2006 Dranga wrote music for the modern dance for8 double-basses. In September of the same year hebegan working in metropolitan clubs, and he held his first tour in Italyentitled, «I love D n B». This did notdistract him from his studies; Peter graduated from the School of Musicspecializing in solo artist (accordion) and orchestra conductor; and isadmitted to the Gnessin Academy ofMusic.

In November 2004, his first soloperformances on TV begin. In 2006, Dranga’s national concert career officiallybegan as he toured across Russia. Opportunities arose for Peter to act intheatrical and film productions as "Little Cigarette" directed by E.Mironov, and "Soundtrack Passion" - N.Lebedev. Peter appears onnumerous TV, Radio shows. Ever intrepid, in 2007, he masteredice skating while playing the accordion and participated in the show "Stars on Ice”.

This exploding career did not divert his attention from his bravepolitical stance as a advocate of peace. Beginning in 2003 Dranga traveled toconflict places including Chechnya as a supporter of freedom from strife.Dranga gives back regularly, participating in benefit concerts including"Celebration of National Friendship", "Day of Children","Day of People’s Safety", and in concerts dedicated to Christmas andother holidays. The years in study gave Peter an appreciation for helpingothers—he has taught workshops and spoken to groups of children about his musicand their desire to study and play their own instrument of choice. The bordersof his mind have long been eliminated, it leaves only the literal borders toscale.

In 2007, Dranga took on a lot of charity work, including “Investment in Education for Childrenin Virtue”, which awarded him for his efforts. A natural leader, Dranga assistsin event organization and raises funds for children suffering from leukemia. Healso works for many charity funds involved in the maintenance of children'slives. In 2008 Dranga presented his first album “23”, which included 12 tracks (10 of which hecomposed). and performed in Austria, France, and Spain.

Dranga pushes theboundaries of the accordion—long considered a ‘folk instrument’ – to play pastthe clichés. Yes, his diverse repertoire includes the expected classic Russianfolk music, and sultry Astor Piazzolla tangos – but he has his heart set onbuilding bridges to American audiences.

In November 2009 he produced and performed a new concert “Perspective” in the concert hall ‘Russia.’ Helaunched his own production company for the creation of instrumental music,podcasts and music for television shows and for advertising, and collaborateswith Pakhmutova and Novikov. In 2011Dranga released the album Perspective andbegan a Russian tour that expanded to international destinations. His CDs, “23”and “Perspective” sold over 2 million seven hundred thousand copies, with limiteddistribution outside of Russia.

His career took on a new dimension when Dranga met upwith Grammy-winning producers who wantedto incorporate the accordion into Urban music. Going places unexplored foraccordion has always appealed to Peter who is on a mission to popularize theforgotten ‘squeezebox’.


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